4K video, 24 minutes.

Apology speech to Greece by Poul Thomsen of the IMF.

Performed by Henrik Birch.

‘Apoulogy’ imagines Poul Thomsen – a powerful technocrat from the International Monetary Fund and one of the architects of Greece’s loan programmes – reflecting on his work and the strategy of the IMF. In the shape of a 1:1 video projection on the wall, starring Danish Actor, Henrik Birch (who plays Poul Thomsen in Costa Gavras’ feature film, ‘Adults in the Room’), the original chief of the “Greek Mission” delivers a monologue based on actual admittances from an interview conducted by the Danish Broadcast Radio show, 'Follow the Money'. The work expands on Thomsen's apology but goes further by speculating  what might lie beyond the neoliberal austerity politics that he helped force upon the country.       

Below: Images of the work installed at P.E.T. Projects in Athens.